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M200 Intervention

intervention 2intervention 3This newly designed weapon is most fearsome weapon available to snipers. Fresh from the factory, it includes the most state-of-the-art internals. The gun itself is made from a lightweight polycarbonate material, giving the gun a incredibly durable shell while keeping the weight of the gun down to a minimum. The internal gears, scope, and barrel of the gun are all made from lightweight titanium. The internals of the gun require no maintenance, and we offer a lifetime guarantee from Korath Industries. Our M200 Interceptor is the newest addition to our exotic line of airsoft guns. Since we are the sole owners of our patented design, we don’t have to worry about cutting corners to match our competitors price. This gun has all the benefits of being CO2 powered, but without all the sound. The rifle has vents to remove any excess CO2 and diffuse any sound. Once a bb is loaded in  the chamber, the firing mechanism creates an air-tight  vacuum. This eliminates the possibility of any wasted CO2. intervention 4Along with an adjustable hop-up, this gun includes the ability to adjust the strength of the gun from 400 FPS to 600 FPS. The scope automatically adjusts itself to strength of Interceptor. The lens can magnify up to 200 yards away. The lens absorb light, yet without reflecting it. The special film that covers the scope dissipates light so fast the human eye can not see it. CO2 lasts over 1000 shots thanks to air-tight firing mechanism in the Interceptor. The stock can hold an additional magazine and CO2 cartridge. The bi-pods automatically level themselves to the terrain, allowing you to quickly get in position and take your shot. The perfect gun for any professional airsoft sniper who is looking for a deadly accurate gun.

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Originally $100

Now only $60!


What could possibly be better than a Desert Eagle? Of course we all know the answer to that one, when it comes it your favorite unnecessary color. This perfectly manufactured gun packs a bit of a bite with 450 FPS. This weapon is sure to attract attention on and off the field. Careful, you don’t want to attract too much attention while you are out on the field, so be sure to keep you gun brandishing to a minimum. You don’t have to worry, this gun comes in Gas and CO2. What could possibly get better? This gun is on sale now for only 60% of its normal price. Buy another golden Desert Eagle in the same order and it is 50% off the second. Now you can dominate the field dual wielding, without dominating your wallet. Click for details >>

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Airsoft Guns ACR Vector Dragunov FN 2000 AUG XCR
FPS 230 370 500 440 375 400
RPM 800 2000 120 1000 800 600
Cost $250 $380 $140 $300 $180 $200
Class Rifle Submachine Gun Sniper Rifle Rifle Submachine Gun Rifle

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